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Lightweight, wear-resistant and eye-catching appearance, the color of the Apple 12 anti-drop mobile phone case experience
Time: April 28,2021   Hits: 2422 
It has been nearly half a year since the release of the Apple 12 series of mobile phones. As I got the iPhone 12 on the day of its launch, the excitement from the earliest start has gradually calmed down. It can be said that it has been a long time. Apple 12 can be regarded as a high-end flagship mobile phone, continuing the structural design of the straight edge of Apple 4 series. Compared with iPhone 11, it has a different holding experience. After the freshness, it is natural to carefully examine it, and add a drop-resistant and wear-resistant mobile phone case to the mobile phone.
When it comes to anti-fall mobile phone cases, many people will feel bloated and heavy and ugly. In fact, this is not the case. Now many brands of anti-fall mobile phone cases tend to be thinner and lighter. Take this color-defining iPhone 12 mobile phone case that I bought recently, which brought me a very pleasant experience. Regardless of the workmanship design and the selection of materials, we are striving for perfection. I will share with you today. If you want to have a good hand feel, but also want to bring good protection performance, and a dazzling appearance, I believe it will be Your good choice.
As usual, we start with the brand of the phone case. As a high-end brand of mobile phone anti-drop protection accessories, Juxue has been popular overseas. With its excellent anti-drop protection performance and bright and fashionable appearance, it is deeply loved by young fashion users. Years of technical experience and design, solid workmanship and materials, make every mobile phone protective case that it launches highly acclaimed. The same is true for the Apple 12 mobile phone case I started with.
First of all, in terms of appearance design, the overall design is made with the concept of high-definition and high-transparency. Although there is no gorgeous and fancy element decoration, it fully restores the beauty of the bare machine with the clear and transparent back panel. It is perfectly natural to match with the Apple 12 mobile phone. Will feel dull and monotonous. At the same time, the shell is made of two elements: black and tone color. The appearance of interstellar color gives people the feeling of simple and generous, stylish personality and stable texture, and it shows the owner's unique style and taste when held in the hand. At the same time, the shell also has aurora color, which can be selected at will according to the user's preference, fully satisfying the aesthetic vision of different users.
The overall thin and slim thickness design is just right. One more point is not refined enough, and one less can not be protected at the same time. Even if it is fitted to the original machine, it still brings a bare-metal grip. Wearing a protective shell will not affect it at all. Normal use of wireless charging. The surface of the high-permeability PC backplane has also undergone a special process to ensure that it will not be yellow and faded after long-term use, and it will always keep the new side as before. And the good anti-fingerprint hand sweat effect, even if it is held for a long time, it still maintains a refreshing and comfortable grip.
Although the overall light and thin, but the anti-drop performance is not inferior. The shell structure is designed according to the principle of automobile collision avoidance, surrounded by soft silicone 360-degree full protection, internal airbag cushioning to reduce shock, external alloy frame reinforced wear resistance, rigidity and flexibility, with excellent shock resistance and anti-fall effect, after the brand The actual test, even if it is dropped from a high place and repeatedly tested from different angles, it can still ensure that the phone screen and internal original machine are intact.
In terms of detailed design, the brand is also striving for perfection. The buttons on the holes of the shell are made in strict accordance with the actual machine mold, which will not affect the normal use of the buttons at all. While bringing the bare-metal operating experience, the reinforced frame ensures that the overall tightness is tight and the seam is stable and reliable, even if it is used for a long time. There will be no loosening. At the bottom of the shell, it is also equipped with a thoughtful lanyard buckle, which can be matched with the lanyard according to the user's aesthetics, and the risk of falling when going out is further reduced, and the use is more secure.
In conclusion, the hot sales of mobile phones have also made the mobile phone case as one of the accessories become more and more popular. In the process of choosing a mobile phone case, users should not only focus on the appearance, but also the strong anti-fall protection performance is the original intention. This Apple 12 mobile phone case created by the color decision can be said to have good looks, strength and strength, and bring users a sense of security and protection, while also showing the unique charm of the owner. It can be described as the best of both worlds. , Your heart is worse than action, so hurry up and give it a try.
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