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Looking for the smartphone with the longest battery life in 2021
Time: April 28,2021   Hits: 1717 
In fact, the battery life of a smartphone is as important as its performance. After all, no matter how powerful your mobile phone is, if you fully charge your mobile phone in the morning, but you can’t even hold it at night, it’s definitely not good news for you. To sell this "powerful" mobile phone, you must always stand next to the power socket connected to the power cord to make calls, or carry a mobile power bank with you.
Although almost everyone now has a mobile power supply, it can be rescued in time when the phone is out of power, but if your smart phone can stand by for at least two days, that's even better! To be honest, there are not many such phones, but they do exist.
It is absolutely stupid to judge the battery life of a smartphone by the battery capacity. Although the "bigger the better" of mobile phone batteries is definitely the last word, the hardware and software optimization of mobile phones has played a greater role in battery life.
Which smartphones will have the longest battery life in 2021?
DxOMark Lab conducted battery life tests on smartphones alternately under three usage intensities:
 low load (only make calls, send and receive messages, and watch local videos);
Medium load (browsing social networks, surfing on the Internet);
high load (running mobile games, playing online videos).
According to the test conclusion made by DxOMark laboratory. We selected the top ten smartphones with the longest battery life.
1. Samsung Galaxy M51—73 hours;
2. Wiko Power U30—80 hours;
3. OppoFind X3 Neo—45 hours
4. iPhone12 Pro Max—49 hours
5.VivoY20s—69 hours
6. Huawei P40 Lite—50 hours
7. Xiaomi 10T Pro 5G—51 hours
8. OnePlus OnePlus 8T—45 hours
9.MotoG9 Power—64 hours
10. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G—48 hours
Why cheap smartphones last longer
 It should be noted that cheap smartphones are the main battery life rankings. There are only one or two flagship phones in the top ten, but they are completely logical. After all, cheap mobile phones are mostly equipped with low-performance processors and low-power, low-resolution displays.
Take Wiko Power U30 (a mobile phone brand sold by a Chinese manufacturer in France) as an example, which is only equipped with a MediaTek HelioG35 processor and a 720x1640 IPS TFT screen.
 Not to mention the battery capacity-take Samsung Galaxy M51 as an example, its battery capacity is as high as 5000mAh, in contrast, the flagship mobile phone iPhone 12 Pro Max just exceeds 3000mAh.
Of course, we not only have to consider the battery life of mobile phones, but also other factors. For example, charging speed.
At present, the mainstream charging power of Android phones is between 30W-40W, and the maximum power is more than 50W. There are four or five models with 120W fast charging, and it only takes about 16 minutes to charge 4500mAh. Even Apple, which has always admired "small battery and low power consumption", finally couldn't help it, and equipped the iPhone12 with a 27W fast charging head.
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